Romain Goulon Project 

RGP is :


Romain Goulon (drums, song writing, production)

Michael Jafhar (guitars)

Julien Noé (bass)


RGP is a solo project in collaboration with two musicians, Michael Jafhar and Julien Noé who accepted to perform and record the guitar lines and bass lines without changing the original songwriting.

The drums are recorded in full acoustic, only with microphones, there is no sound replacing, triggering.

On the opposite, the guitars and bass are recorded with a special midi effect pedal but really performed by the musicians.

The contrast between those two opposite approaches acoustic drums -- robotic strings is what Romain was looking for.


Regarding the songwriting itself, Romain wrote 100% of the songs, and was influenced by BACH, NECROPHAGIST, and polyphonic music, counterpoint.

RGP has two releases :

"Gravity and Consciousness" (full length) released in 2021

Romain Goulon Project "Gravity and Consciousness" 2021

"Time Prior to Consciousness" (EP) 2020

Romain Goulon Project "Time prior to Consciousness" 2020